Greetings from a fellow game dev!

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Greetings from a fellow game dev!

Postby PhilgamedevK98 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:03 am

Hi, my name is Phil! I used to develop games since 2006 but haven't really accomplish a completed project yet.
The reason whats slowing down most of my work is the lack of music. So, I need someone very kind and generous
to create some free midis for my games! That's my main reason for coming here.

I am not exactly sure the sole purpose of this site is or what main topic Tesla is if midis are not the main subject.
Like I said, I want everyone here to know that I'm only here to search for friendly midi composers to work on
music for my games if they are willing to compose for free since my projects are not going to be for profit anyway.

I am making games for not only fun but also for the fans/gamers as well! :D

Wish me luck everyone! ;)
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