inductance heating

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inductance heating

Postby msj113 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:51 am

first off, i wish you all a very happy thanksgiving day

msj113 here


new guy here. found this site while perusing "instructables". i saw something there that tweeked my brain into places it hadn't gone before. inductance heating. i am thinking i want to add this phenomenon to my babington ball based waste oil burner. ugliest damn thing you will ever see, but the smokeless heat out put is rightous. as an auto mechanic, my supply of waste motor oil was almost a burden till i got creative and built "the dragon", to burn it cleanly and consistantly. 5 years to this level of function.

now i am in the process of automating the system and tweeking up the efficiency

after reading some, following a link to this site, and registering here, i havent found the group that plays with inductance heating. guess i need to read some more.

see ya later
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