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Optimizing completed OneTeslaTS

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:48 pm
by Sekaisen
After some long nights of soldering and tinkering (yes, I am a slow but perfectionistic builder) I finished my kit.
Sadly the slot for the SD-Card was dead on arrival, but for now I am just using the live function plus Synthesia extensively.
After some more and some less successful test runs I got most things sorted out, but 2 matters are still a bit unclear, and I am sure here are people way more knowledgeable than me around. :D

  • What fuse should I use? (I have the international version of the kit.) Till now I have been using 4A fast-blow fuses, 250V voltage rating; the one that came with the kit / you can buy as replacement part here on the site. But it seems to me, that even when just turning the power strip on and off, there is a chance that the in-rush-current alone blows the fuse. In the manual it's a 10A one.
  • How important is a grounding-plate and what would a perfect setup in general look like? I am well aware that a DRSSTC is a little diva when it comes to it's surroundings, but I am not sure how big or massive it has to be. Should it be as large as possible or just big enough for the heatsink to stand on it and is aluminum foil fine?

When I got the time I will upload a few vids of my coil in action and update this post.

Re: Optimizing completed OneTeslaTS

PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:27 pm
by Bayley
I usually use 4A fuses - the fast blow ones are fast enough to protect the IGBT's in the event of a fault, and having to replace a fuse due to inrush is less of a bother than replacing the IGBT's because of some accident. The ground plate is critical if you are on a second floor of a building or a venue with no real earth ground (e.g. outdoor venues), in which case I'd use a ~1m^2 piece of foil. Otherwise if you are on ground level concrete connected to grid mains it is optional.

Re: Optimizing completed OneTeslaTS

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:55 pm
by Sekaisen
Hi, thank you for the info.
I have to say, I am blind (or dumb); the fuses I used so far actually have a 125V rating, so effectively only 2A at 250V. Though I am not really sure you can just convert it like that.
Anyway, I got 250V ones with different current ratings. Using a 5A one for now with a bigger ground-foil underneath and it is going pretty smooth.