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Complete and wow

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:34 pm
by DrKert
All I can say is I LOVE IT......OMG....WOW.... I'm still smiling from the first little test run and that was 4 weeks ago.. :D
The build went fine and no issue with any part, although I put my own tweeks to the build. My only gripe about the kit is the poor alignment of holes in the corners of the pcb's and way too close to the edge of the board. The other I spotted was a track that went around half a Hole and due to alignment shaved the track. It would only take a slight increase in overall dimension to avoid this and for the price of this would expect a little more quality.
Having said that it's a great kit to build, fantastic fun and hats off to all at onetesla. I'm still smiling writing this!
One word of warning to anyone who are about to test after building. Don't do it when your kids are in bed! Think I may have woke the street up let alone the kids upstairs. :lol: