Help testing IGBTs

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Help testing IGBTs

Postby Tracy » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:25 pm


We've been slow getting going on building our onetesla, and finally put the thing together a couple weeks ago. We tested it indoors initially (and know better now) and got humming and smoke but no sparks. Discovered there had been arcing inside the secondary, which we then replaced. Tested again and got brief humming but no visible sparks (it was daytime?). Turned off the interrupter and turned it back on. We heard three loud pops and nothing else. We've pulled the chassis apart and the fuse is fine, tested continuity and doesn't look blown. While pulling everything apart tonight we discovered we'd put 7 turns on the primary-which is now fixed. It sounds as though the IGBTs are the most likely thing to have blown, so my questions to you wonderful people are:

1. What might the 3 popping noises have been if not the fuse?

2. How can we test the IGBTs? Would they appear physically destroyed?

3. The resistance on our secondary is 256 ohms, and we now have 6 turns on the primary, should we try reducing to 5 turns?

4. We don't have an oscilloscope, do we need one to figure this out?

5. Should we be able to see sparks during the day at all, or only when it is dark?

Thank you for any help!
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