Onetesla v1 kit wanted to buy

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Onetesla v1 kit wanted to buy

Postby gpilot » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:30 pm


You may think this request unusual, but I am looking for a V1 kit. Maybe someone has one they never built?

I must admit these sorts of projects have a certain "geek" factor, in a positive way. The V2 kit, in my opinion, removes a lot of this. Such as a printed primary vs a visible coil, a clear enclosure for the driver vs opaque, active cooling vs passive, also the V1 manual is excellent. I downloaded a copy, nice work!!

I realize the V2 is probably easier to build, maybe has better specs, but I think onetesla might be missing the mark here, with the v2 kit. The videos posted on youtube really show no discernible difference between the two, discharge-wise.

I have been told (thanks Marissa) the V1 is not stocked.

I am willing to pay the same price, as the V2 kit, maybe a little more, for a V1 kit which is complete, meaning still a kit, and not partially completed.

In the alternative I might consider buying a V2 kit and fabricating my own base, and figuring out how to replicate a correct primary coil to substitute for the PCB one. I might be willing to contract with someone to provide some engineering advice on this. I just don't like the PCB primary coil. While I am conversant with electronics, I am not ready to scratch-build a complete unit.

Thanks for any help and suggestions!
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