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Hi there. Thanks to the oneTesla team.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:23 pm
My name is Daryl and I'm from sunny Queensland, Australia. First off of like to say thanks to the oneTesla team for making this a possibility. For so long I've had a set of plans to build a Tesla coil that is referenced as the "BTC-30". I had never managed to acquire the components for it though and this project had been archived.

I remember coming across the Kickstarter in February and feeling quite devastated that I had missed it. I put my name down to be advised of availability and when I got the email, I ordered the kit in June. I received the kit last Friday, started building it that evening, and had first sparks on Saturday afternoon.

I am definitely motivated now to actually build a bigger (and more raw) Tesla coil so thanks for giving me the kick in the right direction. Having a kit with all the components required is such a good starting point.

I had a thread over in the "Completed Kits" section to keep track of it but the forum software kind of crashed as I submitted my edit with an added video link. If a mod sees this and my thread has just been set to "unapproved", would you be able to check it out?


Otherwise I suppose it has disappeared into the ether.