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SD and USB interrupters without kit

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:43 pm
by Frost273
It's been almost one month after new schematics appeared in the download section and I've got my working interrupters.

Here I want to share my experience in custombuilding of new interrupters.
Disclaimer: 'coz of my laziness I prefer to make single layer boards, that's why they are full of jumpers and cross-overs. And I won't share schematics because of their ugliness (unless you insist me to).

I've started with TinyTesla's USB interrupter.
After routing the board, surprisingly enough, it wasn't quite easy to make it working. I didn't want to ask for help and tried to figure everything out by myself. The hardest part was to set the correct fuse-bits.
As I figured out from different online sources on ATtiny85 they should be: Low: 0xE1 High: 0xDF
What means:
PLL Clock 1K CK/14 CK + 64 ms;
CKDIV8 off

Here is how it looks after casing is done:
Image Image
Image Image

It demanded lots of resoluteness to begin to work on SD interrupter.
After some hesitations about mircoSD card holder how to solder it or how to use it I have bought several different card holders just to have a look what is it. The board is routed without MIDI-in socket and 4N25 optocoupler to save some space and if the interrupter won't work I wouldn't have to desolder too much components back.
Luckily it began to work right after was powered.
Image Image
Image Image

Cannot emphasize more how I'm thankful to OneTesla team for their great high voltage projects!

P.S.: Currently I'm working on full-brige OneTesla
Image Image
Image Image