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[Almost] secure case for my Tesla Coil

PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:32 pm
by jeanrenaud
Being a little concerned about the security issues a Tesla Coil represents :idea: , i've built a lockable case out of wood... and spare time.

The electrical & midi cables are fitted in a slot at the top of the case, the optical cable is held on the back cover, a grounded discharge stick is held at the left in some sort of spring clamps (like the ones we use to hold a broom on a wall) and the controller and tesla coil itself are held on the base with velcro.

I can turn the case upside down and nothing will fall (unless opened - the electrical cables would fall if facing down, but the rest will not move).

There was around 20$ wood needed (3/8 plywood) and maybe around 6$ for various things (handles, screws, velcro, 90° brackets, etc).

Well this is enough secure for stopping children accessing it (i guess), anyway i don't have any children. Someone could use a saw or any heavy object to break the wood... But my intention was not to build a safe ;)

Locked case
(114.84 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Open case
(140.13 KiB) Not downloaded yet